Freelancing: Getting A Client In Virtual Assistance Without Applying

Virtual Assistance

Freelancing is a growing industry today. More and more people prefer working online because the pay is higher, there is the flexibility of time and one can manage contracts and hourly rates through Virtual Assistance. There is however a struggle as the competition is high and most don’t have the right guidance on how to get started, effectively. Applying in different remote working platforms will take time and effort to be able to get those jobs. There is a tough competition and one would need to work hard in order to get invites and be hired. Many are not starting right or not working smart. Here are 5 ways on how to land a client without applying.

1. Make sure you are easily found

Clients might across in your application on Google or in any freelance platform. You have chances of getting hired once they see your portfolio. Credibility is very important in your freelance career, as they will respond with you and message you and contact you. They might interest in your niche or in your experience that you had chances is you will get hired by them. This is why it is important to build your portfolio and be noticed by clients looking for a virtual assistant.

Tips on how to can establish your freelancing branding

2. Referrals

When you are a freelancer, networking is a must. This has worked out and has been proven and tested to work. Your co-freelancer might refer you to other clients to work on the projects. In this case, you haven’t excelled in an effort to find jobs due to your network connection. When you provide excellent value to your client, they come back with you working again and chances your work of ethics will be known. The more you will provide value, the more referrals will come. Clients will suggest you to their friends because they see your hard work. With referrals, you did not spend any time finding clients, they are the ones who will come your way.

3. Build relationships

Don’t limit your network to potential clients only. Also, include other people who are outside your niche as well. This may include local and international friends, relatives, acquaintances, school mates, etc. The more you advance your branding and build relationships, the more you will increase the possibility of getting contracts our of these relationships.

4. Get a mentor

Getting a coach will save you time. An expert’s advice can save you not just time and effort but productivity and possible income as well. While many freelancers are trying to have their Upwork profile approved, you can learn the techniques on how this is done through a coach. The years of expertise a mentor experienced, the ups and downs and effective techniques can be all shared with you and this will save you a lot. You will learn how you can build your portfolio and be a business partner to your clients. In this way, you will learn the right set up on how clients will just come your way and not only the tips in starting freelancing properly.

5. Subscribe to FVA’s YouTube channel for free online freelancing training

The Filipino Virtual Assistance has embraced the mission of equipping families one freelancer at a time. The more we operate, the more we hear out both the newbie and seasoned freelancers’ needs. With this, we created our YouTube Channel to give assistance to freelancers. We desire every freelancer’s success. So don’t hesitate to subscribe and get free online freelancing training so you can set your freelancing niche the right way and attract clients!

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